About The Books

What is Sleepwalker?

SleepWalker is currently the dream project of artist and visual storyteller CameronScott Davis (Activision Entertainment, DreamWorks Animation).  An exercise in world-building gone mad, the first half of the first act took the form of a children’s/concept art pitch book in October 2014 with a 1000 copy signed and numbered self-published LE work of art.

“When I was a kid I couldn’t decide if I wanted to be George Lucas or Ralph McQuarrie when I grew up.  I still haven’t decided, but I still haven’t grown up yet either.” -CSD

The artist is actively seeking a publishing deal as well as collaboration in the areas of writer, editor, colorist, typography design, and book design.  For portfolio submissions or publishing inquiries please send material to cdavisart.com@gmail.com .

The Story

Pillowtown; the land powered by dreams. Beneath The Great Blanket, Pillonians must sleep enough to power their world.

The Sheriff of Pillowtown arrests all pillowbabies up past midnight and snuggles them into Blanket Jail!

However life in Pillowtown is too sleepy for one pillowbaby named Finnegan who craves adventure. Finn is also a “sleepwalker”, a rare mind whose dreams sometimes manifest into the reality of their world causing all manner of chaos.

Across the universe, the twisted Queen of Boogedyville must kidnap new dreamers to power her land of sleepless production.

When some unexpected guests arrive in Pillowtown it is up to Finnegan and The Sheriff to save their friends before the Queen steals their dreams…FOREVER.


The Characters


The Sheriff of Pillowtown


The Queen of Boogedyville (and The Knarcoleptic Knave)